Looking for the Best Gift Idea: The 6 Questions You Need to Know

Finding great gift ideas for the perfect gift can be a difficult task, especially when you're looking for presents for someone that already has everything. As a gift shop, we're often asked by our customers, 'How do I choose the right gift?' Luckily, there are easy ways to help you find the perfect gift. Answer the list of questions below and great gift ideas will likely start to come to you.

The 6 Questions for Finding the Best Gift

1. What's the occasion?

Are you shopping for a holiday, an engagement, wedding, a birthday, or just because?

2. What's your ideal gift budget?

If you have a small budget, you can still always be sure to give a special gift for everyone on your list. Show them you were listening. Remember conversations you've had with them, and choose to get a gift that refers to something they told you. Even if price is no object, never just buy something because it's expensive. The best gift is often a simple one, and comes from the heart.

3. What is your relationship this person?

In other words, how well do you know them? Are they friends or colleagues, your mom or the love of your life? Is it appropriate to give them a fun and personal gift, or, should it be something more formal?

4. What is their personality?

Are they practical or sensitive? Would they like to get a gift that may show emotion, or would they prefer you give something useful and functional? What's their sense of humor? If you try to pick a funny gift, will they appreciate the joke or might they be offended?

5. Do they have kids?

People love getting gifts for themselves, but considering their family when shopping for a gift can be an extremely thoughtful gesture. For example, a perfect gift for a mom or dad might be one that includes a fun activity together with the kids. Equally, a gift that is just for her might be very much appreciated, which leads us to the next question…

6. How about any special hobbies or interests?

Great gifts that are most thoughtful often support the favorite activities of the people you're shopping for There are a variety of creative hobbies, like crafts, music, visual arts that make for unique gift opportunities. Does the person you're shopping for belong to a group for people with really similar interests to their own? Consider their favorite pastimes. Do they love to read? What kind of popular culture do they enjoy? Are they into the latest gadgets and best tech? Are their hobbies outdoorsy or indoorsy? Do they love gardening or family games?