WOWmazing Giant Bubble Kit Package
WOWmazing Giant Bubble Kit Contents

WOWmazing Giant Bubble Kit


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WOWmazing Giant Bubble Kit

This is the perfect addition to any Easter Basket!  The WOWmazing magic happens when friends and family play together, in the fresh air and sunshine. After just a few minutes, no one will be missing their electronics – except to post incredible photos and videos!

If there’s any bubble solution left over no worries. WOWmazing bubble solution gains strength while it sits! You'll create bigger, longer-lasting bubbles the second time around.


  • A set of wands that has the same design used to set every “Biggest Bubble” world record, for the last 30 years!
  •  2 pouches of “We had so much fun!” Each pouch mixes with a quart of water and makes hundreds of the biggest, most beautiful bubbles ever.
  •  A terrific “Tips & Tricks” booklet, to help the whole family become master bubble creators!