Rainbow Orbit Puzzle Ball
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Rainbow Orbit Puzzle Ball


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Rainbow Orbit Puzzle Ball

Rainbow Color Match is a fun puzzle game and fidget toy all in one! Move the rainbow colored balls around the inside of your matching toy until they line up with the corresponding rings on the outside! Each move makes a satisfying clicking sound. Then, scramble up the balls to start all over again. Play by yourself or with a friend as a turn taking activity. Puzzle-solving helps kids improve cognitive abilities and build confidence, all while having a blast! With a lightweight and easy-to-carry design, this sensory toy can be taken anywhere. Includes 11 vibrant-colored rings and matching balls for hours of rainbow matching fun. Focus, fidget, and play with the ultimate sensory toy!
  • HOW IT WORKS: Push one ball down to pop another ball into a colored hole. Once you’ve finished, scramble the colored balls to solve the puzzle again. 
  • STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF: Keep your hands and mind busy with this exciting sensory toy! Use this tactile fidget puzzle to soothe anxiety and destress.
  • BRAIN-BOOSTING PLAY: This brain-teasing toy is a great tool to help kids develop problem-solving abilities, improve concentration, and practice patience. 
  • PUZZLE GAME: This brain teaser fidget toy is fun for kids and adults of all ages. Exercise your mind by pushing in the colored balls until they match the colors of the outer rings. See how quickly you can solve it or take turns playing with a friend!
  • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE DESIGN:  The Rainbow Color Match is made with quality, non-toxic material for long lasting use. Perfect for kids, teens and adults!